Drug Rehab Marketing

Drug rehab SEO and marketing is in generating treatment calls. Lead generation in the addiction treatment industry can no longer depend on Google AdWords, Legit Script certification, and PPC. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers cannot survive anymore using a buy rehab leads tactic. A robust marketing plan with a health mix of different avenues is the key for these rehabilitation centers. This starts with understanding organic rankings, back links, citations, and the many avenues they must be advertising on.

Why High Quality Back links Are Important for Drug Rehab Marketing?

Once you have proper website development in place the drug rehab SEO marketing begins. The critical area is building quality back links. These are critical because this is what Google uses to judge you against your competition. This Google Juice links tells Google you are an authority in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. again, here is where you get tremendous value from an addiction treatment center marketing specialist.